Victoria Line

Map Colour:
 Light Blue
First Operated: 1968
Type: Deep Level
Length: 13.25 Miles/ 21 km
No. of Stations: 16
Night Service: Yes
Current Stock: 2009 Stock  

The Victoria line is a deep-level London Underground route running from Brixton in south London to Walthamstow Central in north London. The Victoria Line is one of only two London Underground Lines to run entirely underground however the Victoria Line’s only depot is on the surface whereas the Waterloo & City line is entirely underground including it’s depot. The Victoria Line is one of four London Underground lines which operates using Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and has been operated using ATO since it first opened and was the worlds first full scale automatic railway. The Line is used by 200 million passengers annually and is the sixth most used London Underground line. All but one station on the Victoria Line has an interchange with another London Underground line, London Overground or National Rail.

Construction began in 1962 on the Walthamstow to Victoria Section of the line and was the first new entirely new London Underground line in London for fifty years and was designed to relieve congestion on other existing lines. The line opened from Walthamstow to Highbury on 1st September 1968, also a test tunnel from Tottenham to Manor House which had been bored in 1959 was also incorporated into the running tunnels during construction. Prepartary work started near Vauxhall Bridge Road in May 1967 for an extension to Brixton and the government gave approval for the extension in August 1967 and in June 1968 a proposal for a station at Pimlico was also approved. The Entire line from Walthamstow to Brixton was completed in 1972.

During the planning stages there were many proposed named for the line including the ‘Walvic Line’ (Walthamstow, Victoria) and the ‘Viking Line’ (Victoria, Kings Cross) however the line was known as ‘Route C’ until 1955 when the line was officially called the ‘Victoria Line’ after Victoria Station by David McKenna, this name was seconded by Sir John Elliot.

The line was originally planned to run to Wood Street where it would have surfaced before terminating next to the National Rail station and there were even proposals to build the line out as far as South Woodford or Woodford however a late decision to cut the line back to Walthamstow (Hoe Street) in 1961, the station was renamed Walthamstow Central in 1968.

The official opening ceremony took place at Victoria Station on 7th March 1969 and Queen Elizabeth II unveiled a commemorative plaque on the concourse and then travelled to Green Park on the line.

Rolling Stock 

2009 Tube Stock
The Victoria Line uses 2009 Tube Stock trains which is the newest deep-level tube stock operating on London Underground and is the second newest rolling stock operating on London Underground. The 2009 Tube Stock were introduced between 2009 and 2011 to replace the 1967 Tube Stock which was the oldest rolling stock operating on London Underground at the time, the last 1967 Tube Stock train ran on 30th June 2011. The 2009 Stock is built by Bombardier Transportation and were ordered as part of Transport for London’s (TfL) 5 year £10 Billion redevelopment project, 47 eight car trains were ordered and the first prototypes began to be tested in 2008. Trains started to be delivered from July 2009 and started operating between Seven Sisters and Brixton whilst the new signalling system was installed north of Seven Sisters before later operating on the whole line. 2009 Stock trains are larger than any other London Underground rolling stock to take advantage of the larger diameter tunnels on the Victoria Line, the trains are equipped with Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and all trains on the Victoria Line operate using the ATO system. The new signalling system installed ahead of the new trains being delivered allowed a new timetable to be introduced from February 2013 which allowed the trains per hour on the line to be increased from 27 to 33.


P9250028Northumberland Park 
Northumberland Park is the only depot on the Victoria Line and is the only part of the line which is not underground, it is accessed by tracks which spur off the main route at Seven Sisters. The northbound spur track towards the depot also goes through a dedicated platform at Seven Sisters Station, passengers can alight here but cannot board here except for staff travelling to the depot. Trains due to terminate at Seven Sisters in the middle platform are shown on the train destination displays by displaying a diamond shape next to ‘Seven Sisters’ on the display.


Current stations on the Victoria line:
Station NameOpenedAdditional Information
Walthamstow Central1st September 1968
Blackhorse Road1st September 1968
Tottenham Hale1st September 1968
Seven Sisters1st September 1968
Finsbury Park1st September 1968Cross-platform interchange with Piccadilly Line services.
Highbury & Islington1st September 1968Cross-platform interchange with National Rail ‘Great Northern’ Services.
King’s Cross St Pancras1st December 1968Trains run right handed through this station.
Euston1st December 1968Cross-platform interchange with Northern Line services on the Bank Branch.
Warren Street1st December 1968
Oxford Circus7th March 1969Cross-platform interchange with Bakerloo Line services.
Green Park7th March 1969
Victoria7th March 1969
Pimlico14th September 1972
Vauxhall23rd July 1971
Stockwell23rd July 1971Cross-platform interchange with Northern Line services.
Brixton23rd July 1971