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The London Transport Forum is a great place to advertise anything you need, be it London Transport Related or not. The London Transport Forum is visited by thousands of Londoners a Month and thousands of people from around the UK and the world. We are visited by thousands of London Transport Users, Enthusiasts, people curious about TfL Services, Londoners seeking transport information and people from the rest of the UK & around the world. We currently get on average 400,000 hits per month which grows every month.

Banner Ads are placed at the top and bottom of every page including on the Forum. Forum Members have the option to purchase Ad-Free on their accounts which will mean when purchased they cannot see the Ads anywhere on the Forum page but will still see Ads on all other pages, all other visitors to the forum will always see the Ads.  For £9 per month, £45 per 6 months (1 month free) or £90 per year (2 months free) we will put your 728x90px Banner Ad into our rotation of Ads shown on the Forum for an unlimited number of impressions and clicks for the time period you purchased. Our Advertising Support Team will always be on hand to support you during the process to make sure you get the exposure you need.

Although your Ad will be in rotation with other Ads on the forum you will stand to get equal exposure the same as the other Ads, if you wish to double the weight of your campaign you can do so by purchasing double weight at an extra £5 per month.  We also offer a Sole Advertiser Package for £10 per week per page or £30 per week for the Homepage where your Ad will be the only Ad Displayed on the page of your choosing. Banner Ads on the page will be your Ad and they will remain there for an unlimited number of impressions and clicks for the length of time purchased.

We require you to purchase Advertising by the 24th of a month for your Ad to be featured with us in the following month, Ads can then be seen on our forum and site from the 1st of the following month.

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