About Us

The London Transport Forum is the only place to discuss all transport in London and Transport for London services in one place, we also offer information on a wide range of transport services in London. We aim to be the most useful place on the internet for London transport users and we also aim for our forum to be a safe and welcoming environment for anyone who wishes to discuss transport in London, whether that be a casual user, a regular commuter or a transport enthusiast.

We are constantly updating our website to try and make sure it is as informative and useful as possible, why not check out some of our useful pages such as our List of London Bus Routes, our List of London Bus Garages, our List of WiFi Enabled London Underground Stations or our List of New Bus for London Bus Routes. Also don’t forget you can visit our online shop at any time and feel free to join in on our discussions on our Forum, registration is free!

First Forum Logo

History of The London Transport Forum
Established in 2010, The London Transport Forum was set up by Kyle Stuart-Woodard. Kyle is a rail enthusiast from East London and likes to discuss many rail services and projects from London and the UK, he also has interests in other transport areas. Although there were already discussion forums for London Underground, London Buses and various other transport services there was no forum which allowed for all of these to be discussed in the same place. Kyle also noticed that there was no place to allow TfL users to ask questions about TfL and its services and to get travel advice for when travelling in London. So on 30th July 2010, after many months of development, ‘Deep Level’s Transport for London Forum’ was born, enabling members to discuss any service offered by Transport for London, other transport services in and around London, and more general matters. Accompanying the forum were a Twitter account and a Facebook page, both of which were dedicated to publicising the forum and attracting new members.


The Transport for London Forum
In March 2011 a consultation was opened on the forum about a possible name change to ‘The Transport For London Forum’. Feedback was favourable, and the changes were implemented in April 2011. Shortly afterwards a new URL was purchased (www.thetflforum.co.uk) and was launched with a new logo (based on the previous logo). In November 2011 the name and logo was updated to change the upper case ‘F’ in ‘For’ to a lower case ‘f’, in keeping with the correct grammar. The changes were made over two days around the forum and on the forum’s Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and other social networking accounts.

2011 Restructure
In 2011 a ‘restructure’ was announced which involved a complete rearrangement of the boards and better categories to allow members and visitors to find the board they need easier and quicker. Consultations with forum members started in July 2011, and all planning was complete by mid-October. Minor changes were implemented straight away to prepare for the major changes of the restructure. The forum restructure was completed in an overnight closure on 30 October 2011 and two shorter closures on the following weekends.

Advertising & Ad-Free
The forum’s new advertising system was launched in June 2012. This allowed advertising to be directly controlled by the forum admin team and meant that advertising packages could be offered at competitive rates. It also enables the forum to offer members an Ad-Free package, which means once purchased they can browse the forum free from advertisements.

Forum Awards
ltforumawards16nourl3500w2012 sees the start of the forum’s annual awards known then as ‘The Transport for London Forum Awards’ which had been in planning since the early 2011. The public voting for The Transport for London Forum Awards 2012 ran from 6 October to 3 November 2012, with the results being published on 17 November 2012. As of 2016 the awards have known as ‘The London Transport Forum Awards’. The awards will take place every year from August/September to November with planning starting around May. For more information visit: www.theltforum.co.uk/awards

On 27/04/2013 we launched our brand new forum and website, the project was named ‘V2’. With the new website we also introduced our new ‘News’ area which consists of online news articles about the forum and transport in London as well as video news reports via our YouTube Channel.We also now offer forum and transport related downloads and Interactive tools for our visitors plus an encyclopedia of Transport for London services.On 27/04/2013 we also closed our Flickr photosite as all photos were made available via our new website, we continued to also put our photos on our Facebook Page.

The London Transport Forum
The Transport for London Forum was rebranded on 9th May 2016 and a brand new responsive website and forum was launched with it. The new website and forum was over a year in the making and has some useful features to make using it easier especially over at the forum which had many new features added such as a new profile system where users can interact with eachother direct on their profiles, a new friends list system and the ability to “mention” users in posts using the ‘@’ symbol. The forum was also restructured once again to make it easier to navigate and lesser used boards were merged with other boards to remove ‘clutter’.